LPG measuring unit

    Measuring unit CORIO TIGER 400 is used to measure the delivered quantities of liquefied propane-butane (LPG) pumped between tanks, both stationary and mobile.

    The source of the flow of the measuring unit is the external pump installed outside of the measuring unit.

    Measurement units are designed primarily for outdoor installation: on storage sites or LPG filling stations – environmental class according to OIML D11-C (outdoor – stationary). The unit may not be installed in explosive hazardous zones 0, 1, 2, as defined according to EN 60079-10.

    Measured liquid Liquefied propane-butane (LPG)
    Maximal rate of liquid flow QLmax 750 kg/min
    Minimal rate of liquid flow QLmin 33 kg/min
    Maximal rate of gas flow QGmax 300 kg/min
    Minimal rate of gas flow QGmin 15 kg/min
    Measurement accuracy 0,2 % at 100 kg/min
    Maximal operating pressure pmax 1,8 MPa
    Minimal operating pressure pmin 0,7 MPa
    Operating temperature -40°C / +50°C
    Filtering ability 0,01 mm
    Maximal noise level < 60 dB
    Required internal pipe diameter for liquid DN50, neck flange according to EN 1092-1
    Required internal pipe diameter for gas DN25, neck flange according to EN 1092-1
    Nominal supply voltage of measuring unit ~ 200V 240V, 50/60Hz
    Maximal power of the unit with heating 250 W
    Dimensions L x W x H 895/1115 x 616 x 1205 mm