Accessories for LPG tanks

  • LPG monitoring system

    LPG monitoring system

    The telemetry information system is designed for remote monitoring of the gas level in LPG tank. Information is transmitted by means of radio data from the tank to a remote place.

    The set is intended for house installations, LPG filling stations and industrial use.

    Main technical data

    Transmitter environment Ex-zone
    Receiver environment usual
    Transmission frequency 433 MHz
    Transmitter power supply Internal lithium battery (min. 5 years of operation)
    Receiver power supply AC adapter
    Basic range 100 meters (may be extended)
    Sending of information every 1 min.
    Certificates CE, ATEX II 2G Ex ia IIA T4 Gb

    The system is offered in 2 versions

    • Basic version transmits information about the amount of gas. Information is received by the receiver that displays it on the LCD as % value of the tank volume.
    • GSM version has in the receiver additionally an implemented GSM modem, which allows the user to check the gas level with his mobile phone.

    LPG monitoring system [GSM]

    To manage multiple tanks and large systems we have for you special software.

    LPG monitoring system

    To extend the range of signal transmission from tank to receiver we offer a receiver-transmitter device.

    LPG monitoring system

    Functions of the device

    Besides the level measurement function, the device KTX01 has other secondary functions.

    The device has following functions

    • Mechanical indication of the gas level in the tank
    • Electronic sensing of the gas level
    • Monitoring of cathodic protection
    • Measurement of ambient temperature
    • Measurement of internal battery
    • Energy generation from an outside source 1.2 V (cath. protection, solar cell, battery)
    • Radio data transmission

    Monitoring system set

    Telemetry transmitter KTX01


    The transmitter performs digital reading ​​from the level gauge, which uses magnetic coupling. It is compatible with all types of level gauges. Measurement accuracy is the same as by the mechanic indicator installed on the tank.
    The transmitter was designed based on long experience of the system application on LPG storage tanks. It features robust waterproof construction, which, together with ultra-low power consumption of the device provides highly reliable and long-term operation without any needed intervention (min. 5 years).

    Receiver KRX01


    Receiver with LCD display serves to receive the signal from one or more telemetry transmitters KTX01. If the user needs to transmit information by means of SMS, the device is equipped with a GSM modem.
    When the gas level falls below 30%, an alerting SMS message is sent automatically. The transmitter is programmed by software. SIM card is exchangeable. The transmitter is fed by three 1.5 V alkaline batteries AA. The 220V AC adapter is included in the kit.

    Receiver-transmitter KRT01

    It serves to increase the range or to overcome obstacles on the way of the signal. The device is fed by solar energy and doesn’t require any servicing or maintenance.

    Software for receiving and processing data

    A program software is included in the GSM version kit. Confidential data can be programmed by the owner himself using the enclosed instructions.