LPG Storage Tanks Under Ground (10 000 Liters)

EuroTank LPG Division has a standard range of Under Ground Storage Tanks up till 10 000 Liters with Standard Specifications and Serial Production Diameter of Ø1250mm and Custom Dimensions or Specifications upon Customer Request.

Our Under Ground LPG Storage Tanks are suitable for Domestic Household Purposes for Cooking and Heating as well for AutoGas, Heating, Industrial, Power Generation and more.

Our LPG Storage Tanks are manufactured according the highest international manufacturing standards in compliance with EUROPEAN PED DIRECTIVE 97/23/CE module B+D, CE 1017


Operating Pressure 15.6 Bar
Test pressure 22.3 Bar  (Lower / Higher Bar Pressure upon request)
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C (Colder / Warmer Operating Temperature upon request)
Medium Liquefied gas DIN 51622 / EN 589
Construction code AD-Merkblatt 2000
Protective coating Sand blasted and epoxy anticorrosive coating 1000μm, according to DIN 4681/3, ISO test 25kV
Standard pressure equipment