LPG road tankers

  • LPG road tankers and semi-trailers

    As a new product of the year 2014 we expanded our production on modern and technologically advanced LPG road tanker in tank sizes 13-60 m3, suitable for LPG mixtures A, B, C. Our road tankers are certified according to the ADR standard 2013 and European Transportation Pressure Equipment Directive TPED (2010/35/EU; NV 208/2011).

    Semi-trailers and bobtails for road transport and distribution of LPG

    We offer our road tankers manufactured of highly resistant fine-grained steel and with accessories using modern materials (carbon, titanium, stainless steel). This makes us different from our competitors by achieving lower product weight for a given volume of tank. Surface treatment is made of varnishes and paint layers sprayed by nanotechnology, which increases self-cleaning ability of the surface and good abrasion resistance to mechanical damages due to the operation (departing stones scratches, etc.).

    Measuring and dispensing devices are designed from components of world producers (Corken, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Festo, REGO, Fisher, Cavagna, Elaflex ….). Volume measurement is done on the Coriolis mass principle and is the standard design solution of our road tankers.

    Standard equipment is also the electronic 10,4 ´ LCD display Kadatec Corio T, with possibility of GPS and on-line remote data transfer from the point of sale and immediate invoicing from the office of tanker owner. This metrologically certified electronic device with high measuring accuracy (0.2%) provides immediate information on the gas composition and quality by measuring the mass and density in real time and temperature. By printing those data on the receipt, customer receives true information about the product he buys, and its quality.