Compact autogas filling module

  • Compact autogas filling module

    LPG skid

    Compact autogas filling module is an elegant and economic solution, where the dispenser and the pump are fixed directly on the storage tank, therefore there is no need of supporting frame. Red Jacket submersible pump is placed in protective shaft directly in the tank.

    Autogas filling module is available in overground or underground version.

    Standard compact filling modules are offered with tanks of Ø1250 mm (2700l to 10000l); Ø1600mm and Ø2000mm – on demand.

    Components of the filling module

    Measurement of LPG is proceed by the mass flow meter with its own temperature compensation, dispensing accuracy of 0.2% and accurate information on gas density and gas composition.

    The module is supplied mounted; the only installation requirements are concrete panel and electric connection.

    The use of compact LPG fillings stations is ideal e.g. for easy complementation of autogas filling technology to the existing fuel stations.

    Specifications of autogas filling module for Ø1250mm tank

    Volume 4850 l 6400 l 9100 l 10000 l
    Max. weight 2145 kg 2830 kg 4020 kg 4420 kg
    Max. tank filling 85 %
    Operating pressure 1,56 MPa
    Max. differential pressure 0,92 MPa
    Max.-min. flow rate 50 l/min – 5 l/min
    Dispensing accuracy ±0,2 %
    Operating temperature -20/+40 °C
    Electrical connection 3×230/400V AC±15%, 50 Hz / 2,2 kW
    Installation Concrete plate according to the module dimensions
    Dimensions (length x height x width) in mm 4960x1250x1865 6220x1250x1865 8490x1250x1865 9460x1250x1865
    Certifikáty European Directive 97/23/EC, CE 1017
    CE certificate FTZU 12 ATEX 0080X, Ex II 2G IIA T3